Top 20 Tourist Attractions In Vienna
Austria / March 26, 2023

Top 20 Tourist Attractions In Vienna

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is a city with a rich history and culture, offering a variety of attractions that cater to the interests of tourists from around the world. From its stunning architecture and world-class museums to its charming cafés and parks, there is no shortage of things to see and do in Vienna. Here are the top 20 tourist attractions in Vienna, with a full summary of each:

1.Schönbrunn Palace

A former imperial summer residence, Schönbrunn Palace is one of Vienna's most famous landmarks. It features 1,441 rooms, beautiful gardens, and a zoo.

2.Hofburg Palace

The official residence of the President of Austria, Hofburg Palace is a complex of buildings that includes the Imperial Apartments, the Sisi Museum, and the Spanish Riding School.

3.St. Stephen's Cathedral

Also known as Stephansdom, St. Stephen's Cathedral is a Gothic masterpiece that has been the heart of Vienna for over 700 years. Visitors can climb to the top for stunning views of the city.

4.Belvedere Palace

A beautiful Baroque palace that houses the Austrian Gallery, which features works by Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele.

5.Kunsthistorisches Museum

One of the world's greatest art museums, the Kunsthistorisches Museum features works by Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Raphael.

6.Natural History Museum

An impressive museum that showcases the wonders of the natural world, including meteorites, fossils, and dinosaur bones.


A large public park that is home to the famous Vienna Ferris Wheel, as well as many other attractions, such as a planetarium and a roller coaster.

8.State Opera House

One of the world's most famous opera houses, the State Opera House hosts over 50 productions per year.


An art museum that houses an impressive collection of drawings, prints, and photographs.


Vienna's largest outdoor market, Naschmarkt is a great place to sample local foods and pick up souvenirs.

11.Spanish Riding School

A world-renowned institution that showcases the art of classical dressage, the Spanish Riding School is housed in the Hofburg Palace.

12.Austrian Parliament Building

A stunning example of neoclassical architecture, the Austrian Parliament Building houses the National Council and the Federal Council.

13.Secession Building

A beautiful Art Nouveau building that houses the Secession Museum, which features works by Gustav Klimt.

14.Vienna State Library

A magnificent Baroque library that houses over 7 million books, including priceless manuscripts and maps.

15.Vienna City Hall

A beautiful Gothic Revival building that houses the offices of the mayor and the city council.


A public park that is home to the Augarten Porcelain Manufactory, as well as many other attractions, such as a music pavilion and a playground.

17.Haus der Musik

An interactive museum that explores the world of sound and music, with exhibits on everything from the history of the Vienna Philharmonic to the physics of sound waves.

18.Danube Tower

A 252-meter-tall tower that offers stunning views of Vienna and the surrounding countryside.

19.Vienna Zoo

One of the world's oldest and most beautiful zoos, Vienna Zoo is home to over 700 animal species.

20.The Museum of Fine Arts

A museum that houses an impressive collection of art from around the world, including works by Titian, Bruegel, and Caravaggio.

Whether you're interested in art, history, or nature, Vienna has something to offer every visitor. These top 20 attractions are just a small sampling of the many treasures waiting.


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