Top 19 Attractions & Things To Do In Bogota
Colombia / April 01, 2023

Top 19 Attractions & Things To Do In Bogota

Bogota, the capital of Colombia, is a city rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. Here are the top 19 attractions and things to do in Bogota:

1.Museo del Oro

The Gold Museum is a must-visit for those interested in Colombia's pre-Columbian history. It houses one of the world's largest collections of gold artifacts.


A mountain overlooking the city, Monserrate offers stunning views of Bogota. Visitors can take a cable car or hike to the top.

3.La Candelaria

The historic neighborhood of La Candelaria is home to colorful colonial architecture and some of Bogota's most important cultural institutions.

4.Botero Museum

The Botero Museum houses a collection of works by the Colombian artist Fernando Botero, as well as other Latin American and international artists.

5.Plaza Bolivar

The main square of Bogota, Plaza Bolivar is surrounded by important government buildings and is home to the city's cathedral.

6.Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira

Located just outside of Bogota, the Salt Cathedral is a stunning underground cathedral carved out of a salt mine.

7.National Museum of Colombia

The National Museum is housed in a colonial-era building and offers exhibits on Colombia's history, art, and culture.

8.Cerro de Guadalupe

Another mountain with a stunning view of Bogota, Cerro de Guadalupe is a great place for a hike or picnic.

9.Parque de la 93

A popular spot for locals and visitors alike, Parque de la 93 offers green space, restaurants, and bars.


A neighborhood in the north of Bogota, Usaquen is known for its Sunday flea market and its colonial-era architecture.

11.Simon Bolivar Park

The largest park in Bogota, Simon Bolivar Park offers green space, lakes, and sports facilities.

12.Maloka Museum

The Maloka Museum offers interactive exhibits on science and technology.

13.Graffiti Tour

Bogota is known for its street art, and a graffiti tour is a great way to see some of the city's most impressive works.

14.Torre Colpatria

The tallest building in Bogota, the Torre Colpatria offers a panoramic view of the city.

15.La Quinta de Bolivar

The former home of Simon Bolivar, La Quinta de Bolivar offers a glimpse into the life of one of Colombia's most important historical figures.

16.Paloquemao Market

A bustling market selling everything from fresh produce to handmade crafts.

17.Teatro Colon

One of the most important cultural institutions in Bogota, the Teatro Colon hosts opera, ballet, and other performances.

18.Chorro de Quevedo

A historic square in La Candelaria, Chorro de Quevedo is said to be the site where Bogota was founded.

19.Zip lining at La Chorrera

A thrilling adventure just outside of Bogota, La Chorrera is the tallest waterfall in Colombia and offers zip lining tours.

These 19 attractions and things to do offer visitors a diverse range of experiences in Bogota, from exploring the city's rich history and culture to enjoying its natural beauty and outdoor activities.


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