Best 9 Day Trips From Vancouver
Canada / March 27, 2023

Best 9 Day Trips From Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia, is a vibrant coastal city that offers a diverse range of activities and attractions. While there is plenty to do within the city itself, there are also many fantastic day trip destinations that can be reached within a few hours' drive. Here are 9 of the best day trips from Vancouver, along with a brief summary of what each destination has to offer.


Located about two hours north of Vancouver, Whistler is a popular ski resort town that offers a range of outdoor activities year-round. In the summer, visitors can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, and zip-lining, while in the winter, skiing and snowboarding are the main draws.


Situated on Vancouver Island, Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia and is known for its historic architecture, beautiful gardens, and whale watching tours. Visitors can take a ferry or seaplane from Vancouver to reach Victoria.


Located about an hour north of Vancouver, Squamish is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking, rock climbing, and mountain biking are popular activities in this mountain town, and the Sea to Sky Gondola offers stunning views of the surrounding area.

4.Bowen Island:

Just a short ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver, Bowen Island is a quiet and peaceful retreat that offers scenic hiking trails, quaint shops and cafes, and beautiful beaches.

5.Harrison Hot Springs:

Located about two hours east of Vancouver, Harrison Hot Springs is a small resort town that is known for its natural hot springs and beautiful lake. Visitors can soak in the hot springs, swim in the lake, or go on a scenic boat tour.

6.Manning Provincial Park:

About two and a half hours east of Vancouver, Manning Provincial Park is a popular destination for camping, hiking, and fishing. The park is home to a variety of wildlife, including bears, deer, and elk.


Located just south of Vancouver in Richmond, Steveston is a historic fishing village that is home to a bustling harbor, quaint shops and restaurants, and several museums that showcase the area's maritime heritage.


Located about an hour and a half east of Vancouver, Chilliwack is a rural town that is known for its scenic farmland and outdoor activities. Visitors can go on a guided fishing tour, explore the local farmers' markets, or hike in nearby provincial parks.


Situated on the west coast of Vancouver Island, Tofino is a popular destination for surfing, hiking, and whale watching. The town is surrounded by the rugged beauty of the Pacific Rim National Park, and visitors can also take a hot springs boat tour or go on a bear watching excursion.

Whether you're looking for outdoor adventure, historic charm, or natural beauty, these day trip destinations from Vancouver have something to offer for everyone.


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