Best 15 Things To Do In Houston, Texas
USA / March 26, 2023

Best 15 Things To Do In Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas is the fourth-largest city in the United States and a vibrant hub of culture and commerce. From world-class museums to delicious food, there is something for everyone in this sprawling metropolis. Here are 15 things to do in Houston that are sure to make your visit unforgettable:

1.Visit the Space Center Houston

Space Center Houston is the official visitor center for NASA's Johnson Space Center. You can see real spacecraft and artifacts from the history of space exploration, take a tram tour of the center, and even meet an astronaut.

2.Explore the Houston Museum District

Houston's Museum District is home to 19 world-class museums and galleries. Highlights include the Museum of Fine Arts, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, and the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston.

3.Visit the Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo is home to over 6,000 animals from 900 species. Visitors can see lions, tigers, giraffes, and many more animals in their natural habitats.

4.Take a stroll through the Buffalo Bayou Park

Buffalo Bayou Park is a 160-acre park located in the heart of Houston. It features beautiful gardens, walking and biking trails, and stunning views of the city skyline.

5.Enjoy a show at the Houston Symphony

The Houston Symphony is one of the oldest performing arts organizations in Texas. It offers a wide range of performances, from classical music to pop concerts.

6.Visit the Menil Collection

The Menil Collection is a world-renowned museum featuring works of art from ancient to modern times. The collection includes pieces from some of the most famous artists in history, including Picasso, Matisse, and Warhol.

7.Try some authentic Tex-Mex cuisine

Houston is known for its delicious Tex-Mex food, which is a fusion of Mexican and Texan cuisine. Be sure to try some local favorites like fajitas, enchiladas, and queso.

8.Attend a game at Minute Maid Park

Minute Maid Park is home to the Houston Astros baseball team. It is a state-of-the-art stadium with a retractable roof and a variety of amenities.

9.Visit the Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park

The Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park is a stunning public park featuring a 64-foot-tall wall of water that cascades down a curved structure made of concrete.

10.Take a tour of the Houston Mural Tour

The Houston Mural Tour is a self-guided tour of the city's vibrant street art scene. There are over 250 murals to discover, featuring everything from abstract designs to realistic portraits.

11.Visit the Museum of Natural Science

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is a must-see for science lovers. It features exhibits on everything from dinosaurs to space exploration.

12.See a show at the Alley Theatre

The Alley Theatre is one of the leading nonprofit theatre companies in the United States. It offers a wide variety of productions, including classic plays and modern works.

13.Visit the Art Car Museum

The Art Car Museum is a unique museum dedicated to the art of the automobile. It features a collection of cars that have been transformed into works of art.

14.Take a stroll through the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center

The Houston Arboretum and Nature Center is a 155-acre nature reserve located in the heart of the city. Visitors can explore the nature trails, bird watch, and learn about the local ecosystem.

15.Visit the Beer Can House

The Beer Can House is a quirky landmark in Houston. It is a house covered in thousands of beer cans and has become a popular tourist attraction.

Overall, Houston is a city with a rich cultural heritage and plenty of unique attractions to explore. Whether you're interested in art, history, or outdoor activities, there's something for everyone to enjoy in this vibrant city.


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