Best 12 Things To Do In Orlando, Florida
USA / March 26, 2023

Best 12 Things To Do In Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida is a popular tourist destination known for its sunny weather, theme parks, and attractions. Whether you're a family with kids or an adult seeking adventure, there's plenty to see and do in Orlando. Here are the 12 best things to do in Orlando, along with a summary of each:

1.Walt Disney World Resort:

With four theme parks, two water parks, and a host of other attractions, Walt Disney World is the ultimate family vacation destination.

2.Universal Orlando Resort:

Home to two theme parks, Universal Orlando is another popular attraction with thrilling rides, shows, and experiences.

3.Kennedy Space Center:

Located on the east coast of Florida, the Kennedy Space Center is a must-see for space enthusiasts, with exhibits, tours, and even a chance to meet an astronaut.

4.SeaWorld Orlando:

Known for its marine life shows and rides, SeaWorld Orlando is a great destination for families.

5.Discovery Cove:

A sister park to SeaWorld, Discovery Cove offers a more immersive experience with opportunities to swim with dolphins, snorkel with tropical fish, and relax on a white sandy beach.

6.The Wizarding World of Harry Potter:

Located within Universal Orlando, this themed area brings the magical world of Harry Potter to life with rides, shops, and attractions.


A unique attraction that offers a chance to see alligators and other wildlife up close, with shows, exhibits, and zip lining adventures.

8.Orlando Science Center:

A hands-on museum with interactive exhibits, planetarium shows, and an observatory, the Orlando Science Center is a great destination for families with kids.

9.ICON Orlando:

A 400-foot tall observation wheel with stunning views of the city, ICON Orlando is a must-visit attraction for a bird's eye view of Orlando.

10.Legoland Florida Resort:

With rides, shows, and attractions themed around the popular toy brand, Legoland Florida is a great destination for families with young children.

11.International Drive:

A popular shopping and entertainment district with restaurants, shops, and attractions like the Orlando Eye, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, and more.

12.Lake Eola Park:

A serene park in downtown Orlando with a lake, walking paths, and outdoor art installations, Lake Eola Park is a great place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the city.

Whether you're seeking thrills, adventure, or just a fun family vacation, Orlando has something for everyone.


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