Best 12 Things To Do In Nikko, Japan
Japan / April 18, 2023

Best 12 Things To Do In Nikko, Japan

Nikko is a charming town located in the Tochigi Prefecture of Japan, renowned for its cultural and historical significance. From centuries-old shrines and temples to picturesque natural landscapes, Nikko offers a range of exciting activities for travelers to explore. Here are the top 12 things to do in Nikko, Japan.

1.Visit the Toshogu Shrine:

The Toshogu Shrine is an iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site in Nikko. It is a complex of 55 shrines and temples and was built in the 17th century. The main attraction here is the ornate Yomeimon Gate, which is covered with intricate carvings and gold leaf.

2.Admire the Kegon Falls:

The Kegon Falls is one of the most stunning waterfalls in Japan. It is 97 meters tall and is located in the Nikko National Park. The best time to visit is in autumn when the foliage around the waterfall is at its most vibrant.

3.Explore Lake Chuzenji:

Lake Chuzenji is a picturesque lake located in the Nikko National Park. Visitors can enjoy boating, hiking, and fishing activities here.

4.Marvel at the Ryuzu Falls:

The Ryuzu Falls is another popular waterfall in Nikko. It is formed by the two streams of the Yukawa River and is named after the dragon-shaped rocks at its base.

5.Discover the Kanmangafuchi Abyss:

The Kanmangafuchi Abyss is a scenic gorge in Nikko. It is known for its unique rock formations and the row of stone Jizo statues that line its riverbank.

6.Visit the Nikko Tamozawa Imperial Villa Memorial Park:

The Nikko Tamozawa Imperial Villa Memorial Park is a former imperial villa that is now open to the public. It features a beautiful garden and several traditional Japanese-style buildings.

7.Take a dip in the Yumoto Onsen:

The Yumoto Onsen is a hot spring resort in Nikko. Visitors can relax in the natural hot springs while taking in the scenic mountain views.

8.Hike the Senjogahara Marshland:

The Senjogahara Marshland is a beautiful hiking trail that stretches for 3.8 kilometers. It offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and is a great place to spot wildlife.

9.Visit the Futarasan Shrine:

The Futarasan Shrine is a historic Shinto shrine in Nikko. It is one of the three most important shrines in the region and is known for its beautiful architecture and tranquil atmosphere.

10.Explore the Nikko Botanical Garden:

The Nikko Botanical Garden is a peaceful oasis located in the heart of Nikko. It features over 2,000 species of plants and flowers from around the world.

11.Enjoy the Nikko Kirifuri Ice Arena:

The Nikko Kirifuri Ice Arena is a popular ice skating rink in Nikko. Visitors can enjoy skating in a beautiful natural setting surrounded by mountains and forests.

12.Take a scenic train ride on the SL Taiju:

The SL Taiju is a steam locomotive train that runs through the scenic Nikko National Park. It offers a unique and memorable way to explore the area's natural beauty.

In conclusion, Nikko offers a range of exciting activities and attractions for travelers to explore. From stunning waterfalls and historic shrines to scenic hiking trails and hot springs, there is something for everyone in this charming town.


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